My weight loss journey with Nutrisystem diet

I’m Josh. I’m a 24 year old dental assistant currently residing in Austin. A few years ago, I got into a very bad accident on the freeway while commuting to work, which left me with a broken arm and leg. The accident had a very huge impact on me, not just physiologically but psychologically as well. I started to panic whenever I would step outdoors, especially in vehicles. This made me spend days inside my apartment recuperating. Although I recovered, both psychologically and physiologically, my prolonged period of inactivity had taken a toll on my already large-ish body; I had gained an excess of 30 pounds in six months. I was asking different friends about tips on how to lose weight, and one of them told me about Nurtisystem. I was interested, so I went to his place to check it out. It seemed legit, so armed with a Nutrisystem promo code that I found on this page, I registered for the program.

Nutrisystem Changed My Life

They outlined their procedure and made a plan for me, based on my weight and height. All the meals for a single day cost me $10, and were delivered to my doorstep. They had an extensive menu too, and the taste was simply splendid. The only snag was that I could only eat the amount they prescribed for me and only Nutrisystem food. I like eating out at times, but eager for results, I resisted the urge. And boy, what results they were.

Results of Nutrisystem

Seven pounds I lost in the first week. SEVEN!! Its hard losing seven pounds in a week through physical exertion, but here I was, losing weight just by eating. Seemed like a dream come true. I fell into a routine, and started believing that the “Lose 5 lbs + 1 inch off your waist the first week or your money back” guarantee was there for a reason. Nutrisystem actually works, and what more, works well.

They also regularly hand out a Nutrisystem coupon code in magazines and the likes. If you know anyone who is already part of the program, you could ask them for their discount code. These giveaways make an already affordable program much lighter on the pockets.

Nutrisystem has to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. It restored the confidence that I had lost after my accident. I imbued me with a sense of what “eating right” is, and it allowed me to find love. I met my now girlfriend of 2 years during a get-together of Nutrisystem enthusiasts come to share success stories and their appreciation for the program.

I took a few magazine subscriptions solely because they give out regular Nutrisystem discount codes. In one such magazine, I also found an ad for a dental assistant very close to my area of residence, and pounced on the opportunity. It gave me a better pay, better facilities and lesser commute time. This truly was a great decision to make.

Did Nutrisystem work?

I may not follow the program as strictly as before, but it certainly has done its job. I lost a lot of weight, and learnt how to fix portions for myself. Even though I don’t count calories, I do know exactly how much food I need and when I need it. Nutrisystem has taught me to eat smart, and to eat better.

Something that astounds me about Nutrisystem is that, although it is a strict diet program, there is zero compromise on taste. The thought of their chicken pot pie or chocolate chip cookies makes my mouth water. I think I have a fudge bar in the refrigerator. Excuse me while I indulge. Yes, all these foods and more are available in Nutrisystem. It is by no means a rabbit food diet.

I also suggested Nutrisystem to my overweight and diabetic father. Although the food selection is SLIGHTLY limited for diabetic people, it is still extensive. They have a Nutrisystem D program, targeted specifically for people with type 2 diabetes. And now, he too has lost considerable weight and has constantly controlled levels of blood sugar.

Nutrisystem is not for the weak; meaning it needs lots of willpower and discipline to implement. I know how hard it is to see someone munch on slices upon slices of delicious pizza, or sipping on a soda. However, one must learn to control these impulses and rise above them, recognizing that their health and healthy eating must precede the craving for indulgement.

Nutrisystem is very affordable and easy to implement. For $10 a day, six meals are delivered daily to your doorstep. These are either frozen or microwave ready. You can take them to work if you’d like to; the packaging is very proper and nothing will spill and/or leak.

Nutrisystem is a good idea for anyone wishing to shed a few extra pounds. It is designed to work, but if and only if the consumer follows their Nutrisystem plan. It does require considerable self control at first, but as you do it everyday, it becomes routine and easy to do. It also teachers it customers the value of eating small but regular portions so that the body gets required nutrients timely but does not get too much of food at once. Pacing one’s eating habit, and learning to live on small, filling portions is the key to success of Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem has truly been a life changing experience. Although the accident was horrible, it helped me bounce back; physically, mentally and career-wise too. It restored my then-lost confidence, and allowed me to flourish. I would also like to thank Debra, without her article I wouldn’t have known about the $50 off Nutrisystem coupon code that helped me save a lot of money.